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Product Activation

OMNISOFT uses the Activation method to prevent piracy for some of our products. Activation ensures that our software will only run on the original purchaser's PC/Device, and not on another user's PC/Device (which would be illegal, and a violation of copyright law). This is achieved by coding your Registration Number to your unique Name and Email address that is stored in your PC/Device.

We have taken every effort to make the activation process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Currently, there are two different ways you can Activate your OMNISOFT product:

  1. Automatically during the Desktop Install Process - When running the OMNISOFT installation program for your product, you will be prompted to enter the Registration number you received when your purchased the OMNISOFT product. You will also be prompted to confirm that the Owner Name and Owner Email address stored in your PC/Device is accurate. The installer will then automatically obtain your unique Activation Code from our website and save it into your PC/Device's memory, so you will not need to manually enter it. This is the easiest way to activate your product.

  2. Manual Entry of Activation Code - You can alternatively obtain your Activation Code by providing the requested info below. Your unique activation code will then be emailed to you. You then need to enter it on the Activation screen of the OMNISOFT program to be activated. If you entered the code and the Owner Name/Email info correctly, a Thank You! confirmation message will be displayed, indicating that the program has been successfully activated.

    To manually request an Activation Code, you need to make sure that the Owner Name and Email address that you will provide below is EXACTLY the same (case is not important) as the owner name and email address that is displayed on the Activation screen (see screen shot below) of the OMNISOFT product that you wish to activate, otherwise the activation code will not unlock your program and will delay the activation process.

    Product Name:
    Registration Code:
    Owner Name:
    Owner Email:

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  • If you ever change the email address (or name) that is stored in your PC/Device, you will need to contact us to obtain a new activation code.  

  • If you perform a hard-reset or another problem causes your PC/Device to clear/loose it's memory, your original activation code will still work as long as you re-enter your name and email address exactly as you originally had them when you first activated the program.

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