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 John Cody's Alerts!


See how Alerts! compares with other alarm programs...

Feature Alerts!
Receive your unlock code immediately at time of Purchase YES YES  
Individually customizable alarms settings (loops, volume, sound/vibrate) YES YES  
Optional force-sound alert even when device muted YES YES  
Smartphone 2002/2003SE/WM2005  and QVGA support YES YES YES
Create templates for quick recall of commonly used alerts YES   
Time-zone sensitive alarms (selectable by world city) YES YES 
Alerts that perform an action instead of just sound/vibrate (see below "actions") YES  
Unlimited Number of Timers YES YES  
Date/Time based alarms YES YES YES
Recurring alarms YES YES YES
Stopwatch function  YES YES
Event-based alerts (i.e. alert triggers when you dock your phone with a PC) YES  
Auto-Unlocks keypad when alert triggers YES YES 
Auto-Relocks keypad if alert was unacknowledged YES  
Pop-up virtual calendar for easy date selection YES  
Displays next upcoming alert time on phone's home screen YES  
Built-in File Explorer for easy alert sound file selection YES  
Support for Maniac's Auto-Lock freeware app YES  
Record custom alert sound directly from within program YES  
Selectable Delete or Disable dismissed alerts YES  
Optionally confirms alert dismissals to prevent accidental alert deletion YES  
Automatically snooze unacknowledged alerts YES  
Specify the time for up to two Pre-Alerts before the main alert triggers YES  
Selectable snooze time when alert triggers YES YES 
Specify preferred keypad mode for alerts titles YES  
Custom keypad mapping YES  
Configurable font size for main screen YES  
Auto-Restart dismissed count-down timers YES  
Send an SMS when an alert triggers YES  
Reboot phone when an alert triggers YES  
Switch profiles when an alert triggers YES  
Switch Bluetooth mode when an alert triggers YES  
Run a program when an alerts triggers YES   
Multi-Language On-Line User's Guide YES   
Extensive Context-Sensitive Help from within program YES  
(feature availability based on each company's product webpage)

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