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John Cody's Alerts!
Reminder and System Task Scheduler
For Smartphone 2002/2003/WM5

Now Supports:
Motorola Q
Samsung i320
T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur)
Cingular Blackjack (Samsung i607)


 Feature Highlights

4-in-1 Application
System Task Scheduler
A Time Switch to Switch Profiles, Bluetooth Mode, run a program, reboot your phone, and more, on a schedule you specify
Automatic SMS Message Sender
Schedule SMS messages to be automatically sent to someone, such as on their birthday
Alarm Clock
Setup an unlimited number of alarms. Each alarm is fully customizable (loop count, sound, snooze amount, etc.)
Count-Down Timer
Setup an alarm to reminder you of things such as when a parking meter is about to run out
  • In addition to typical "sound" alarms, you can create Alerts that perform an action, such as Switch Profiles, change Bluetooth Mode, Run a Program and much more...
  • Create an Alert to Reboot your phone everyday to keep it running smoothly and help reduce memory problems.
  • Create an Alert to send an SMS message at a specific date/time, such as to someone on their birthday.
  • Upcoming alert times can be displayed on your phone's Home Screen.
  • Create alerts that trigger when a specific event occurs, such as when you get back to your office and dock your phone with your desktop PC.
  • User Selectable Snooze Time when alert triggers.
  • Create an Unlimited number of Fully Customizable alerts - You can assign different Sounds, Loop Counts, Snooze and Vibration modes for each individual alert.
  • Multi-Language On-Line User's Guide makes it easy to learn all about the 40+ features of Alerts!
  • Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones and QVGA compatible (Landscape or Portrait). Not compatible with Pocket PC's (devices with a touch-screen) - please Sign Up to our Alerts! newsletter to receive notice when a Pocket PC version is ready :)

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One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star
Simon from
United Kingdom

"John Cody's Alerts has quickly become an essential app for my smartphone.  It is easy to use, has a nice simple interface, and is reliable.  It is quick to access, and the extra shortcuts to create new alerts make using the app really quick & easy.  It contains features that make it stand out from other alarm/reminder apps, such as the ability to set actions on alerts such as sending an sms message, and an excellent addition whereby it creates an outlook entry for each alert, which then appears on the homescreen in the calendar plugin, adding at-a-glance functionality without installing any extra plugins.  An all round thumbs up for this excellent new app!"

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