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 John Cody's Alerts!


Not only can Alerts! create typical count-down and recurring/date-time reminders, but it is the ONLY alert manager that allows you to create Event-based alerts, which will only "trigger" when a specific event occurs, such as:

  • Powering on your Phone
  • Docking your Phone with a Desktop PC
  • When Activesync Completes a Sync Operation
So, you ask "How are these events useful?" Well, consider the example that you want to setup an alert to remind you to do something when you get back to your office, but you don't know exactly what time that will be...No problem! Just setup a new "Event" alert to trigger when your phone "Docks with a PC". Then, as soon as you get back to your office and dock you phone, the alert will sound! You can even Snooze a time-based event to trigger again only when one of these events occurs.
Another really neat feature of Alerts! is it's ability to create a Shadow Appointment for any of your Time-based alerts. A shadow appointment is simply a duplicate appointment that is created within the Calendar database built into your phone, and it has the same title and time as the alert you created in Alerts! This allows you to see any upcoming alerts right on your phone's home screen. In addition, these appointments will sync-over to Outlook on your desktop PC, so you can see them there also!
You can even setup an Alert that will send an SMS message to someone at a specified time or event, such as "Happy Birthday" to friends or family on their birthday - all automatically! Some cool combinations of triggers and actions can be created. For example, using a trigger of "Dock with PC" and an alert action of "Send SMS", you could setup an alert that would send your significant other (i.e. wife) an SMS saying "I'm now back at my office" automatically when you dock you phone at the office.
One of the most convenient features of Alerts! is the quick-access shortcuts for creating a new Count-Down timer, Date/Time reminder, or an Event-Based alert. These shortcuts allow you to launch Alerts!, bypass the main screen and jump directly into the new alert entry screens, allowing you to quickly create a new alert when you need to. Most importantly, you can assign a Speed-Dial or Voice Tag to each of these shortcuts so you can launch them directly from your phone's home screen by pressing a single key or speaking a pre-defined phrase.
Being someone who enjoys tweaking things until they are just right, I spent a significant amount of time making Alerts! to be extensively customizable. You can configure things such as what action each key of the keypad will perform when it is specifying your preference on how a particular feature should work.

The above is just a fraction of what Alerts! has to offer. Here are some more features that I am sure will prove that Alerts is the most powerful Reminder/Timer/Event manager available for your Smartphone.

New Features for Version 2.0
bullet Windows Mobile 5 compatible (not for WM5 Pocket PC's yet)
bullet QVGA screen compatible
bullet NEW Alert Action - Power-Off Phone (power off phone when alert triggers)
bullet NEW Alert Action - Reset Phone (reboot phone when an alert triggers)
bullet NEW Alert Action - Change Bluetooth Mode
bullet NEW Alert Action - Switch Profiles (may not be supported on 2002 devices) allows you to switch profiles at a scheduled (ie. 11pm "Silent" profile) or event-triggered (i.e. Dock event) time.
bullet NEW Alert Action - Run a Program with built-in file explorer to easily select file to Run. Allows you to run any external program like an MP3 for an alarm at a scheduled or event-triggered time.
bullet DATE PICKER - makes it super easy to specify the correct date for a one-time date/time alert.
bullet Will now Auto Re-Lock your keypad if an alert was not attended to (requires auto-unlock and auto-snooze to be enabled for that alert).
bullet Dismiss Confirmation - will optionally confirm all dismisses in case you accidentally hit dismiss instead of snooze.
bullet Increased loop count (from old limit of 9 to new 25 count limit)
bullet Dismiss-Restart countdown timers so they will automatically reset and restart a countdown timer when it is dismissed.
bullet Automatically determines the proper key to unlock your 2002/2003 or WM5 phone keypad.
bullet 'Weekly' Date/Time alert screen now displays weekdays in device's local/regional language and format.
bullet Now allows alerts to sound for up to five minutes (for non-2002 devices only)
bullet Added ability to select "BUSY" or "FREE" status for shadow appointments™!
bullet If you now specify a "Custom Sound Path" in general settings, only the wav files found in that directory will be assignable to an alert.
bullet Support for Maniac's Auto-Lock freeware app.
bullet Changed duration of shadow appointments to just the time of the alert (instead of an hour.)

Version 1.0 and 2.0 Features

  • Instead of sounding an alarm, you can instead specify different Actions that an alert should do when it triggers, including: Sending an SMS message, and many different combinations of playing a specific alert Sound and/or Vibrating.
  • Record your own alert sound! - You can record your own Alert sound and it will play when the alert triggers. So, for example, you can record your kids saying "I love you Dad/Mom" and have an alert play that sound every morning :)
  • You can specify a Relative To... worldwide city, so the specified Time of an alert is based on that location instead of yours. allowing you to setup conference call reminders with clients in other areas of the world.
  • Auto-Unlock Keypad - This feature will automatically unlock your phone's keypad when an alert triggers, so you can quickly snooze or dismiss an alert.
  • Specify Sound Volume - you can specify the volume of an alert on an individual basis, including a Increasing Volume setting which will play the alert going from low to high volume.
  • Selectable Delete or Disable Dismissed alerts - you can specify if a dismissed alert should be deleted or just disabled when it is dismissed, or you can be prompted what to do at the time of dismissing it.
  • Automatic Pre-Alert Snooze/Dismiss - you can specify to automatically snooze or dismiss any unacknowledged pre-alerts.
  • Alert History - You can now save any alert into history memory, so you can easily recall commonly used alerts for quick setup.
  • Automatic Date and Time Locale Format Support - The date/time info on the screens will automatically be configured to the Locale date/time formatting of your device. This includes automatic 12/24 hour selection, and M/D/Y, D/M/Y and Y/M/D date formats.
  • Context-Sensitive Help is available for most screens. Just select the Menu button on any screen, then select Help to display helpful info about that screen.
  • Alerts! does not have to be running in order to receive alerts.
  • You can setup up to two custom Pre-Alerts, which can notify you of an approaching main alert.
  • Each alert is fully customizable - You can assigned different Sounds, Loop Counts, Snooze and Vibration modes for each individual alert.
  • If your phone is placed in the "Silent" or "Meeting" profiles, all alerts will be Auto-Muted and just vibrate while in that profile.
  • You can setup Daily, Weekly (and specify multiple days of the week), Monthly and Yearly recurring alerts.
  • You can select the Snooze amount when an alert pops up - and as you scroll through the snooze intervals, it will also calculate and tell you the time that snooze will next trigger at - i.e. "Snooze 5 Hours (at 9:31pm)".
  • Auto-Snooze can automatically snooze any un-acknowledged alarm instead of permanently dismissing it.
  • Auto-Incrementing Auto-Snooze will automatically increase the snooze time for each subsequent snooze, so your battery is not drained by a fixed-minute snooze amount if the alert is left unacknowledged for a long period of time.
  • You can specify your preferred keypad input mode (abc, T9) so you won't have to waste time switching to your favorite mode while naming an alert.
  • The Font size of the main alert listing is selectable, so you can make the listing big for easy viewing, or smaller to reduce horizontal scrolling.
  • You can specify an additional sound file location, such as your storage card, of more sound files that the alerts can use.
  • Custom Keypad mapping - You can customize which functions are performed for each key on the keypad when they are pressed.
  • You can safely install Alerts! on your Storage Card. Extra measures to ensure the alarm will sound, even if your memory card is slow to "Wake Up" have been designed into Alerts! Many other alarm apps will simply fail with the error "Unable to execute xyz.exe" if your memory card is slow to become functional after turning on your phone or coming out of suspend.

See what Alerts! can do for you . . .

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