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Did you know that you can see the International Space Station fly through the sky with just your naked eye?

You can with SATALERT !

The International Space Station

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How to Sync your Palm/Visor with Outlook 2000/2002XP

You need to install Pocketmirror to sync up with Outlook, you will get everything on your handheld that is in your Outlook including the address book and Notes, and to do's. The Pocketmirror program is on your install CD for the Palm Desktop.

To install Pocketmirror. Put Install CD into the computer and hold down the shift key until the CD stops spinning. Then click on "My Computer" then right click on the CDrom Drive and select open. Then click on PalmSFW, then click on Disk1, then click on Pocketmirror, then click on Setup.exe. The setup wizard should walk you through the installation.

Thanks to Beth and an unknown "fellow netsurfer" for providing the above  information!

8/29/03 UPDATE: George Roth adds this info...

If Microsoft Outlook is already installed on a Win 2000 PC (possible on other systems too), when starting up the normal 'Palm Desktop Software' CD installation, a prompt will ask if you want to sync with the PALM Desktop or with Outlook - Choosing Outlook will properly install Pocketmirror (i.e. the above manual install is not required).


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