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John Cody's Vnotes

Voice Note Recorder/Dictation Manager
For Smartphone 2002 / 2003SE

Why wear out your thumb trying to enter stuff using the keypad, when you can just record yourself saying it?

Vnotes takes advantage of the fact that most of the information you use and work with each day doesn't need to be stored in a text format - an audio recording of the information is not only easier to create, but it is also easier to use and manage.

Feature Highlights...

  • Record to Internal or Storage Card memory.
  • Email voice notes to anyone or yourself for easy desktop PC access or use with most speech-to-text transcribers.
  • Attach recurring or non-recurring reminders to any voice note so that you will be alerted at the specified time.

Full Product Description...



One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star
Absolutely Excellent!
John R. from Seattle

"WOW! This program ROCKS If you ever wanted an absolutely excellent program to RECORD reminders, with times, dates, recurrance, etc. this is it! After using the Pro version for about a week, I can honestly say that this is a must have app for any other business users, or to keep track of ANYTHING (Birthdays, groceries, gifts, etc). I was begging for another company to release their product for the Smartphone, but they said it was too hard to port! BUT this app is great. Easy to use, easy to set reminders, easy to organize notes, easy to store (on the SD if you prefer) and John Cody listens to suggestions! You can even email yourself voicenotes! (and directly to John Cody with suggestions etc) EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT...I Love this Program, one of my favorites along with PowerCalendar & PTasks. Buy this, you won't be sorry. Or try the free trial...Then you will buy it! I really love this program!"

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