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 John Cody's Vnotes


If you agree that it is tedious task to type in words using your Smartphone's keypad, then you will enjoy using Vnotes. Vnotes doesn't slow you down by requiring you to type in everything, you can enter and work with more information in less time...

For example, you could create a voice note and label it "Grocery List", and with one click record yourself saying "Buy a dozen eggs". Then, a few days later you notice you are low on paper towels. All you need to do is hi-light the existing "Grocery List" note, select Append Recording, and just speak "Get Paper Towels". You can repeat this simple process as often as needed. Then, when you are at the grocery store, you just simply press Play and hear all the items you need to purchase. Using Vnotes this way is especially helpful for stores that you don't visit every week, such as Home Depot, where you might forget you needed something a month ago. How much easier can it get then this? No more fumbling with keys to spell out words, and no squinting and scrolling of the display to read the entire list ;)

Another common use of Vnotes is to setup quick alerts to remind you of something, such as putting more money in a parking meter. In this example, all you need to do is create a new record and say "Put more money in Parking meter", then select Create Reminder, and Time From Now...and a time such as One Hour. Then, one hour later, your Smartphone will sound an alarm to remind you about the meter running out. You can even configure the reminder to play the actual voice note itself instead of the standard alert tone when the alert is triggered.

Vnotes can also be used as an advanced, yet easy to use portable Dictation device. No longer will you have to carry around two devices, when your Smartphone can do the job of both! One helpful feature of Vnotes is that it allows you to create separate folders to store related notes in. Thus, you could create a folder named "Dictations" and store all of your dictations in it. Then, at any time you can select a voice note and email it to your assistant or transcription service with just a few clicks of a button.

One feature that I personally use a lot is the Email Myself Voice Note. Often, when I am on the road and think of something I need to do back at the office, I will create a voice note and record the task. But then I would forget to play the voice notes on my phone when I get back to the office. However, using this feature, I can simply email an important voice note to myself, so it will be delivered to my desktop PC's Inbox as a reminder when I sync-up with my Smartphone. No Brainer.

As you can see, the uses for Vnotes are limited only by your imagination...

Typical Uses for Vnotes:

  • Random Thoughts - Save your thoughts right when you are thinking them - even while driving your car!
  • Record a To-Do task and email it to your desktop PC's Inbox as a reminder when you get back to the office
  • Personal Reminders - Attach a Reminder to a voice note to alert you when you need to follow up on something, such as an upcoming meeting
  • Shopping Lists - Append items that you need to buy for each different store you shop at so you can simply play back the list when you are in that store
  • Dictations - Your Smartphone can double as an advanced, easy to use portable dictation device
  • Trade show ideas - For those "Oh...We can use that to do this!" brainstorms
  • Many, Many more uses....

Lite and Pro Features

  • Save your voice recordings/dictations to Phone or Storage Card memory
  • John Cody's Vnotes is 100% compatible with recordings created using the built-in Smartphone Voice Notes application
  • Organize and group your voice notes in Folders
  • Move notes from one folder to another
  • Rename notes at any time - even while moving them into another folder
  • Fully customize the voice note listing with these extensive display options:
bullet Specify which columns and the order to display info such as recorded date, day-of-week, time of recording and duration.
bullet Specify font size of listing
bullet Specify the width of the Name column as a percentage of screen width or auto-size to the longest named note
bullet Specify the color of active folder display label
  • Specify to prompt for the voice note name either before or after making the recording
  • Specify the default keypad mode to use for naming new voice notes (abc, Abc ABC, t9, T.9, T9, 123)
  • Specify the default recording location for new voice notes (Phone, Storage Card, Current folder)
  • Specify the default recording prefix ("Recording" yields file names of "Recording1", "Recording2", etc.)
  • New Voice Support feature allows you to record your support request or program suggestion and have it emailed directly to our technical support team with just three button clicks!
  • Preface or Append recordings - You can add a new recording to the beginning or the end of an existing recording. You can even optionally insert a beep sound between sections
  • Custom Keypad mapping - You can customize which functions are performed for each key on the keypad when they are pressed
  • Quick Record - You can assign a key to immediately start recording without prompting for any info. A real time saver if you are in a rush.
  • Plus many more helpful features and enhancements ...

Pro-Only Features:

  • Email voice notes to anyone in your contacts list or another email address with just a few button clicks
  • Email voice notes to yourself so they end up in your PC's Inbox for easy desktop playback or import into most speech-to-text transcribers
  • Preface emails - When emailing a voice note to someone, you can optionally record a preface recording to it, so the recipient will hear your preface before hearing the main recording (original voice note is not changed)
  • Lock Vnotes with the Passcode Security feature so only you can run the program or playback locked files
  • Lock Voice Notes so they require a passcode to play/hear them
  • File Locking Methods - You can specify the security/speed balance of the lock/unlock process to suit your needs
  • Auto-Logout - Vnotes can automatically logout (requiring the passcode to log back in) after a user-specified amount of inactivity
  • REMINDERS - Allows you to assign a reminder alert to any Voice Note:
bullet Reminders will alert you even if Vnotes is not running
bullet Reminders can be configured to recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
bullet Auto-Snooze can automatically snooze any un-acknowledged alarm instead of permanently dismissing it
bullet Auto-Incrementing auto-snooze will automatically increase the snooze time for each subsequent snooze, so your battery is not drained by a fixed-minute snooze amount if the alert is left unacknowledged for a long period of time
bullet You can assign a different alert sound to each reminder, as well as the number of times it should play, and the pause between plays
bullet You can even configure an alert to play the actual voice note itself when it is triggered!
bullet Reminders can be also be configured to Vibrate, or Vibrate then Play the sound
bullet If your phone is placed in the Silent profile, all reminders will then only vibrate

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